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I am writing to inform those who have helped us and have been interested in the future of Holmfirth Civic Hall (HCH).
We (Holmfirth Civic Hall CLG) became concerned about the survival of HCH sometime ago, and decided to try and do something around the middle of 2015. At the time we made enquires of certain groups but found no one working to save HCH. To us, the most obvious group to save HCH was Holme Valley Parish Council (HVPC). However, we were reliably informed that they had looked at the project and decided not to proceed.
Our aim from the start was to save HCH and see it thrive. We embarked upon the process of preparing an Asset Transfer (AT) application and business plan. This has involved a great deal of work including a survey of the building and a survey of the types of services local people would want to see offered from HCH, how often such services would be used together with an idea of what people would be prepared to pay.
Our building survey concluded that HCH would benefit from a major repair programme. Our public consultation received a phenomenal response and results strongly indicate there is support for a wide variety of activities at the Hall. It has become obvious from the surveys that HCH requires a good deal of money to be spent in terms of both repair/maintenance and developing services. Significant funds would need to be raised. From the limited financial information available from Kirklees it is clear that the Hall runs at an annual loss of between £60,000 to £100,000.
Shortly after our appearance in the Huddersfield Examiner in October we learnt that HVPC was re-examining its decision on HCH. We were delighted to hear that HVPC was going to apply for AT and viewed this as an opportunity for our two groups to pool skills, resources and expertise and work together on the project. HVPC had made it known that they did not have a management group and we let it be known that we would be very happy to work with them.
For more information contact Chris Little on 07768171666

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